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Looking for a Job? Symuneak - Symuneak
« on: December 18, 2018, 09:02:25 PM »

What is your name?

How old are you?

Where are you from?
United States

What is your profession?
Logistics Coodinator


How long have you been playing?
I've been playing wow since I was a freshman in highschool. I forgot how many years ago that was. It was in Burning Crusade.

Are you the original owner of the account / Do you share your account?
Original Owner and no I do not share it.

What types of guilds have you joined in the past?
I was in a mythic guild at the start of BFA I only parced in the 60s as a healer so they replaced me sadly.

What are reasons you left past guilds?
Mostly work. I've never had a solid work schedule until this point in my life.


What current bosses have you killed and on what difficulty?
I'm 4/8 H on my priest Varrisal and I've done 1/8 M.

What raiding experience do you have in the past / other expansions?
In Antorus I was 9/11 week one heroic but my guild fell apart since the raid came out around Christmas. 3 of us put the guild together and that was a huge let down so I stopped raiding hardcore after that.

Besides the toon you are applying with, do you have any other raid-ready toons (list if so)?
Raid ready as of now no. I am leveling up a boomkin right now and should be raid ready shortly after that.

Do you raid with other guilds?

What roles have you raided as in the past?
All 3 roles.

Name of toon you are applying with:

Class? & Specialization / Off-spec (and ilvl of each)?
Rogue/ Assassination / 360 ilvl / Sub / 360 ilvl

Are you willing to take on a different spec if needed?

Please link your armory:

Do you keep your toon maxxed (i.e. enchants/gems/proper talents/glyphs, etc.)?
Usually as of right now since I'll replace my rings soon lower lvl enchants

What is the main source of knowledge for learning your toon (i.e. icy-veins, freinds, etc.)?
Icy-veins / youtube. Plus years of experience

Are you able to consistently attend raid nights (Tuesday & Thursday 8pm-12am server (CST) time)?(If your answer to the previous question was "no," please explain any conflicts and what you anticipate your attendance would be.)
I work till 7:30 CST occasinally I get held over but it is rare.
Usually home by 7:45 CST.


How did you hear about us?
Kelinnaa. I know her irl.

Do you know anyone in the guild? If so, how?

What made you want to apply?
Looking for a guild that I can hang out with that has ppl on any hour of the day and is pretty decent at raiding. Been awhile since I've been in a guild that has ppl on a lot.

What do you expect from us?
Just looking to hangout with ppl.


Here is your chance to give us any additional information you would like us to know or ask us any questions!
I just love playing that game. I feel I'm pretty good at almost any class. I'm willing to play almost any class as well.