Author Topic: Looking for a Job? David - Gaytoraid  (Read 456 times)


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Looking for a Job? David - Gaytoraid
« on: January 31, 2019, 08:31:56 AM »

What is your name?

How old are you?

Where are you from?

What is your profession?
US Military


How long have you been playing?
I've been playing since BC.  I've quit last few expansions mostly because of being deployed overseas.  I'm back though stationed shore side so picked it up again a few weeks ago.  I'm really enjoying Shadow priest, however i've been healing forever.  I'd really like a chance to jump in as a Shadow DPS.  I used to be in a few hardcore raiding guilds, but it has been a few.

Are you the original owner of the account / Do you share your account?

What types of guilds have you joined in the past?
Raiding Progression Guilds Mostly

What are reasons you left past guilds?
Well last guild i raided with hard most of us have disbanded, but they also moved servers.  I just want an active raiding guild to progress with.


What current bosses have you killed and on what difficulty?
Uldir full heroic. I was invited once and did with a pug team smooth sailing.  

What raiding experience do you have in the past / other expansions?
Tons of raiding exp.  Usually a healer, but used to main feral/warlock when I did dps.

Besides the toon you are applying with, do you have any other raid-ready toons (list if so)?
Not yet.

Do you raid with other guilds?

What roles have you raided as in the past?
Most heals/dps

Name of toon you are applying with:

Class? & Specialization / Off-spec (and ilvl of each)?

Are you willing to take on a different spec if needed?

Please link your armory:

Do you keep your toon maxxed (i.e. enchants/gems/proper talents/glyphs, etc.)?

What is the main source of knowledge for learning your toon (i.e. icy-veins, freinds, etc.)?
icy-veins/utube vids and talking to players in game.  

Are you able to consistently attend raid nights (Tuesday & Thursday 8pm-12am server (CST) time)?(If your answer to the previous question was "no," please explain any conflicts and what you anticipate your attendance would be.)


How did you hear about us?
I was browsing guilds.

Do you know anyone in the guild? If so, how?

What made you want to apply?
I want a guild that's active. So few are these days.  Illidan used to be popping.  

What do you expect from us?
to progress and enjoy our time doing so.


Here is your chance to give us any additional information you would like us to know or ask us any questions!


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Re: Looking for a Job? David - Gaytoraid
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2019, 03:14:57 PM »
Hi David,

Thank you for your interest in our guild. Unfortunately, at this point we have plenty of priests. Also, given some questions were not answered (i.e. link to your armory) and your character name, you may not be the best fit with us and the personalities of our little family. We wish you luck as you search to find a guild to call home!
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